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Analysis of clutch plate materials and performance

Time:2023-12-23 10:37:44 Author:Huachen Clicks:189Number

Clutch plates are mainly used in the automobile manufacturing industry. They are a composite material with friction as its main function and structural performance requirements. The clutch plates used in automobile clutches can be divided into many different materials, and their performance characteristics are also different. It can be mainly divided into the following categories.

1. Copper substrate: Copper-based alloy metal friction material has the advantages of high hardness and good heat dissipation, but it is easy to wear the clutch pressure plate.

2. Core-spun yarn: Core-spun yarn is generally made of synthetic fiber filament with good strength and elasticity as the core filament, and is wrapped with cotton, wool, viscose fiber and other short fibers and twisted together. The friction material made of this material has good toughness and is affordable, so it is also widely used in the production of clutch face plates.

3. Organic metal sheets: strong in performance, but relatively expensive. They are generally used in clutch plates for high-torque vehicles, such as heavy-duty trucks and heavy-duty vehicles and racing cars.

4. Fiber yarn: fiber-based synthetic composite material with good toughness, good friction resistance and light weight.

Facing the increasing environmental protection requirements of people's raw materials, semi-metallic friction materials, composite fiber friction materials, etc. have appeared one after another. Of course, we will continue to develop new materials and clutch plates on the road of environmental protection.

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