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Analysis of common car brakes: drum brakes and disc brakes

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In the process of daily vehicle driving, one of the most commonly used actions is braking. In order to avoid obstacles in front, or to maintain speed when driving downhill, the car's braking system must be used, and the purpose of achieving all this is The core component of the action is the brake.

Our two most common brakes are drum brakes and disc brakes. Today we will introduce these two brakes to you in detail.

The rotating element of the drum brake is the brake drum, and the fixed element is the brake shoe. During braking, the brake shoe rotates outward under the action of the actuator, and the friction plate on the outer surface is pressed against the inner cylindrical surface of the brake drum. , producing braking friction torque on the drum. Any device that applies force to the shoe end to rotate the shoe is collectively called a brake shoe actuator. The brake shoe actuator includes wheel cylinders, cams and wedges.

Brakes can be divided into the following three types according to different modes of power assistance: brakes using hydraulic brake wheel cylinders as brake shoe actuating devices are called wheel cylinder brakes; brakes using cams as actuating devices are called cam brakes ;

Brakes that use wedges as actuating devices are called wedge brakes. Among them, our most common brake is the rotation brake. Here are some types of rotation brakes.

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