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Clutch friction plate parameters

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The friction parts are discs, which are divided into single disc and multi-disc, and are divided into dry type and wet type. The single-disc structure is simple, with only a pair of friction surfaces, the inertia of the driven part is very small, good heat dissipation, easy adjustment, and complete separation, but the torque it can transmit is small, generally no more than 1000 N. rice. The multi-disc type has multiple pairs of friction surfaces, and the transmitted torque can reach 8×106 N. rice. If large torque is required to be transmitted, the number of friction surfaces can be increased without increasing the radial size and axial pressing force of the clutch, which is beneficial to reducing the clutch's moment of inertia. The multi-disc structure is compact and can use friction surfaces of different materials, which is easy to manufacture, install and adjust. It allows engagement under variable speed and is widely used. However, too many friction surfaces will affect the flexibility of the clutch, even after the pressing force is removed. , the master and slave friction parts still cannot be completely separated, causing excessive wear of the friction surface. Usually the dry friction surface should be less than 15 pairs, and the wet friction surface should be less than 30 pairs. The friction parts of the wet friction clutch are immersed in oil and work. They are often multi-disc type. They wear less than the dry type, have good heat dissipation, low temperature rise, long life, and can transmit large torque.

The friction parts are truncated cones, which are divided into single cone and double cone. This kind of clutch has a simple structure, smooth engagement, and complete separation; it can generate large friction and generally does not require manual adjustment after the friction surface is worn. Since the single cone type has only one pair of cone friction surfaces, the double cone type has only two pairs of friction surfaces. , if you want to transmit large torque, you must increase the radial size of the cone. Reducing the cone angle can increase friction, but the inner and outer cone surfaces are not easy to separate. Generally, when the friction surface material is metal-metal, the half angle of the cone top should not be less than 7°; when it is leather-metal, it should not be less than 12°.

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