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What does a brake linings wear indicator do?

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This is an extremely important safety measure. Generally, there are mechanical wear indicators and many vehicles have electronic wear indicators. No matter which type, the main function of the brake wear indicator is to remind the driver that the brake disc Is it time to replace the thickness? When the brake disc is worn to the limit, it will wear out the brake disc, which only costs more. More importantly, the braking capacity is reduced or there is no braking, which brings great harm to vehicle safety and life safety.

For safety reasons, most car manufacturers will install pad indicators on the brake system. When the lining material wears to a certain extent, the brake pad wear indicator attached to the brake pad will come into contact with the brake rotor. A squealing sound is emitted to notify the driver that the brake pads need to be replaced. When installing, firmly insert the pad wear indicator claw into the recess on the back of the inboard brake pad and install the brake pad.

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