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Introduction to brake pads

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Brake pads are also called brake pads. It is generally composed of a back plate, a bonded insulation layer and friction material. The accessories are generally silencers, alarm plates, alarm wires, circlips, etc.

The back plate, also called the steel back, needs to be painted to prevent rust, and a silencer is usually attached to the outside to reduce noise.

Thermal insulation layer is composed of non-heat-conducting materials and is designed to block the conduction of heat.

Friction material, also called linings, is squeezed against the brake disc to create friction during braking, thereby achieving the purpose of decelerating and braking the vehicle. Due to friction, the lining will be gradually worn. Generally speaking, the lower the cost of the brake pad, the faster the lining will wear.

Brake pads are mainly divided into metal brake pads and carbon ceramic brake pads. Metal brake pads are further divided into less metal brake pads and semi-metal brake pads. Ceramic brake pads are classified as less metal brake pads, while Carbon ceramic pads need to be used with carbon ceramic brake discs.

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