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What are the advantages of disc brakes?

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(1) Disc brakes have no friction assist effect, and the braking torque is less affected by the friction coefficient, that is, the thermal stability is good;

(2) The performance of disc brakes decreases less after being immersed in water, and they can return to normal after braking only once or twice, that is, there is basically no water recession problem;

(3) Under the condition of outputting the same braking torque, the size and mass of disc brakes are generally smaller;

(4) The thermal expansion of the brake disc along the thickness direction is extremely small, which will not significantly increase the brake clearance and cause the brake pedal stroke to be excessive like the thermal expansion of the brake drum;

(5) It is easier to realize automatic adjustment of the gap, and other maintenance operations are also easier.

There are two main types of disc brakes: caliper disc brake and full disc type. The most commonly used disc brake in modern automobiles is the caliper disc brake. Its rotating component is the brake disc and the fixed component is the brake caliper. According to the movement mode of brake calipers, they can be divided into fixed caliper disc brakes, sliding caliper disc brakes and caliper disc brakes, among which sliding caliper disc brakes are more widely used.

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